I’m excited and eager to work with the new Datatrac. The collaborative experience and the new Ascend platform promise to be game changers for us.

— Pete Warren,
CEO Vesta Home Delivery


Emerging Market Technology

Ascend is a scalable modular platform backed by the highest level of experience in the industry. Combining the advantages of a turnkey solution with the capabilities of a customized system, Ascend delivers the advantages of a proprietary system without the traditionally high expense and time investment. Combining resources with Wintao Global and FreshStart Logistics allows aggressive addressing of market need.

The challenge of “where” and “when”

Ascend addresses the issues faced in routed distribution work by bringing together the geographic location and time requirements in an easy to understand user interface. The combination of map and timeline views provides guidance for routing and decision making for efficient Route Planning. Appointment planning tools enable building of efficient routes during the calling process.

Ascend Appointments Screen

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Route Manipulation

Route Manipulation allows for side-by-side comparisons of stops by route, as well as location view by map. Stops can be manipulated by drag and drop, moving stops from one route to another. Route tiles show under/over loaded routes as configured by piece, weight and number of stops. A working area allows routes to be grouped by stop list and map view for ease of analysis.

Ascend Route Manipulation Screen

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Route Monitoring

Multiple views for monitoring daily route activity include:

  • Map View – Monitor all data (stop locations, status, driver locations) on one easy to understand screen
  • Play View – a real-time scrolling display that shows a current route for 10 seconds and scrolls forward to the next route
  • Time View – a timeline view of the day’s routes
  • Exception Alerts – Keeps operational focus on the issues (managing exceptions)


Full Integration Capabilities

  • Driver mobility software available in Java, Windows Mobile and Android versions
  • Integration with FreshStart for route sequencing optimization in Release one
  • Integration with Datatrac’s eTrac communications system for ASN and update transactions
  • Custom integration capability to work with other systems as required