Manage your fleet, deliver your products and provide visibility with a scalable system that allows you to pay only for what you need.

  • Import your orders or enter them on-demand

  • The system learns and stores information for repeat customers, simplifying entry

  • Assign orders to your drivers who can receive all details in the Datatrac for Drivers Mobile Application

  • See delivery details as updates are received from the drivers mobile app

  • Manage delivery appointments with ease

  • Simplify billing with an easy export of order information

  • Your customers are able to track their order every step of the way


  • 500 Transactions
  • 24¢ per transaction


  • 2500 Transactions
  • 19¢ per transaction


  • 10,000 Transactions
  • 14¢ per transaction

Your customers are demanding visibility, you need a better way to manage deliveries, but the overhead and complication of an enterprise system is too much.

We’ve simplified the dispatching system, giving you only what you need while you pay for only what you use.

Basic Dispatch is everything you need to manage your fleet. Receive orders from your shipper electronically through eTrac, or enter them on your order entry screen. From there, you can dispatch orders to drivers, who will automatically see them on their Datatrac for Drivers app.

Through the app, you can see the location of the package and your driver throughout the delivery process. Your drivers can scan barcodes, provide proof of delivery, send photos, accept signatures, and alert you to any exceptions. All of this information will appear in real-time in your Basic Dispatch system. Your customers are provided with a unique link to view package tracking updates and delivery confirmations.

After the deliveries are done, simplify your billing with Basic Dispatch’s order export function.

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