Cloud Based Rating, Invoicing & Driver Settlement Engine

Beacon, the latest in Datatrac’s arsenal of back-office solutions is a powerful Cloud-Based Rating, Invoicing & Driver Settlement Engine. This solution, when paired with Elite EXTRA’s leading-edge dispatch expertise, “provides all the tools to operate successfully in the final mile logistics industry.

Beacon is:

  • Built on modern, scalable infrastructure.
  • Access your information from anywhere you have internet access with this web-based system.
  • Seamlessly communicate rate-charge and settlement information to any accounting software.
  • Unparalleled industry experience to handle a vital part of your business.

Paired with Elite EXTRA, courier company’s can expect these game-changing features in a complete Last-Mile Solution:

  • Extra On-Demand Applications
  • Automatic Dispatching
  • Real-time everything
  • E-Signature and photo capture
  • Barcode scanning
  • Built-in Driver Communication
  • BEACON the Industry leading back-office solution