Whether traditional on-demand delivery, routed scheduled work or a combination, the core back office business system can handle it. The COPS system is powerful and feature-rich, allowing you to customize processes to meet your customers’ needs. Utilizing Datatrac’s industry experience, COPS is a mature product, built on a fully stable infrastructure and integrated with eTrac and Mobility functionality. Communicating data from the driver’s handset through to your customer’s computer system or a web-based visibility screen is all part of the plan. Designed to be a complete back office system, you’ll be able to track an order from entry through dispatch, completion, rating, invoicing and cash receipt.  With our SaaS (Software as a Service) model, your employees can work in your office, a remote office site or a home location as long as they have an Internet connection. Want to monitor what’s going on while you’re away from the office? An Internet connection and a browser plug you in to what’s happening in real time.

As the industry has moved to new technology, COPS has moved forward with Google maps for dispatching and utilizing Google-style searches. Need to track an order, but only have a portion of the address? That’s no problem – the tracking search takes whatever piece of information you have and shows you available matches.

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Datatrac COPS Screen 1
A Datatrac COPS Screen Shot