The Datatrac Network

Broad Geographical Coverage

No other network of service providers offers shippers more choices for moving their goods to market. Datatrac carriers are ready and able to handle both on-demand and route distribution logistics across the US and Canada. Shippers in industries like pharmaceutical, office products, and retail distribution are already recognizing higher profitability by customizing their fulfillment process by partnering with service providers in the Datatrac network.

Seamless Supply Chain Technology

The Datatrac network brings together carriers, truckers, shippers, forwarders, 3PLs, and LTL carriers through a complete transactional hub built specifically to serve the transportation industry. By interconnecting these links in the supply chain, Datatrac provides complete tracking visibility and helps shippers penetrate new markets. Not only does this offer new markets for our traditional carriers but includes more creative transportation solutions for all business partners.

Business Communication Tools

Today’s economy requires more communication between business partners than ever before. Negotiating those system requirements and parameters can be challenging, but Datatrac’s Professional Services team makes it simple. We currently manage communications between over 250 shippers and over 700 carriers, working with you and your partners to ensure the right data gets where it is needed at the right time. Over 8 million transactions per month flow through the network through a single point of integration. Our Communication Tools include:

eTrac is a communications platform that serves as a VAN, a Value-Added Network designed to serve the needs of the Transportation Industry. If your business partner requires XML, flat file or X12 EDI formats, our team can translate the data so that your system can process it. If they require communication through FTP, Secure FTP, HTTP, HTTPS or AS2 protocols, our Professional Services group can configure the communication to meet their technical needs. With more than 20 years of experience with integrations, our team brings a wealth of technical and business process knowledge to the table.

API interfaces
Datatrac provides Application Programming Interfaces for those business partners who can provide data for insertion into system datafiles.

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