Business partners come in all shapes and sizes these days, and the communication needs between these partners have different requirements. It’s difficult to coordinate all the technology to accomplish the business process, and that’s where Datatrac can help. Our eTrac communication tool, combined with our experienced Professional Services staff, will help you send and receive data with your partners. With over 400 business partners connected to the network, Datatrac understands the processes necessary to keep you connected.

eTrac’s communication methods include:

  • Shipper to Carrier
  • Shipper to 3PL
  • 3PL to Carrier
  • Carrier to Carrier
  • Carrier to Driver
  • Shipper to Driver
  • 3PL to Driver

With the market knowledge and experience of over two million EDI transactions per month, you can be sure data will get to its destination quickly and efficiently. With a rich industry background, the technicians integrating your data with your partners not only understand the data flow requirements but the business processes that happen each day.