Logistics Consulting

Logistics Consulting: Developing more than software.

Logistics consulting is critical to success for both shippers and carriers. Because the industry is evolving rapidly as a result of disruptive technologies — new innovative players in the arena have the ability to completely reshape the supply chain. These companies are utilizing Information Technology to their advantage while others are falling by the wayside. Information Technology has been labeled as a key driver to the success of the most innovative logistics solutions providers. At Datatrac, “developing more than software” is not just a tagline; it’s been our mission for more than 35 years. Our customers benefit from the consultative approach we take with our selling processes and the result is Information Technology & Software Solutions that drive bottom line results. We assist our customers in understanding the cost, risk, strategic importance and return on investments in their IT plans. With our years of experience in the industry, logistics consulting is a component in all our business relationships.

Datatrac’s Consulting Services focus on the application of Information Technology in the following areas for a progressive enterprise:

Corporate Planning and Management

Datatrac’s review of a customer’s business verifies that their technology plans align with the strategic direction of the business. The review evaluates if the key stakeholders and trading partners have the ability and necessary tools to add value to for your customers. Whether you use Route Management Software to focus on Home Delivery or traditional Dispatch software focused on Same Day Delivery business, the tools should be evaluated for effectiveness. . The end result is to position the business for innovation, duration and growth through technology.

We’ll assist management in architecting solutions that keep the business agile, responsive and strategic in today’s rapidly evolving environment. Datatrac’s Logistics Consulting Services will develop an impact assessment document that focuses on strengths and weaknesses within the organization’s technology environment. The document is then used to strategize a future technology plan that keeps the company moving forward with the right tools and processes.


Information Technology can be a significant cost to the organization and measuring return on that investment is difficult. Our evaluation along with the resulting reports and suggestions recommendations will assist the business in developing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). The KPIs then become a tool to help evaluate existing platforms and systems to be sure they are contributing to the bottom line.

Crisis Management

Often the most overlooked areas for technology are a Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Plan (BCP). In a world that is challenged by Cybersecurity, it is absolutely imperative that the organization be positioned to manage secure exchanges of information and to keep that data safe. Further, the risk for disruption from naturally occurring events such as power outages and storms have the potential to impact your business and your business partners. At Datatrac, we manage our own data systems and have selected strategic partners based on the most stringent requirements in the industry. To date our Hosted solutions have maintained a greater than 99.999% rating for providing technology services to our customers.

Our experienced team can assist you in developing DR and BCP plans that create redundancy in your operational platforms and provide security in the processing of sensitive data. As a condition of business, today’s shippers are seeking assurances from their service providers as well as a demonstrated ability to respond quickly to challenges that could disrupt their operations. With Datatrac as your partner, our logistics consulting prepares you for the future.