Isaac Asimov was once quoted as saying “The only constant is change”. Nowhere is that more true than in the technology business. In order to continuously innovate and make progress, change is inevitable and often times good.

Many of you know me as the Chairman and founder of Datatrac, but today I’m writing to you in a different capacity. There have been some changes in Datatrac’s management team, and I wanted to share the news with our customers along with a little information about our focus as we move forward.

The company has been very capably led by Garland Duvall for the past six years. Under his leadership, we have transitioned to an entirely new generation of technology that has firmly secured Datatrac’s market leading position. The architectural vision that he brought to the company is now being realized and many of you already utilize our web product on a daily basis in your operations. With that work continuing on track for completion, it is now time to refocus our attention on developing our core marketplace.

As of today, I have assumed the duties of interim CEO in the wake of Garland’s departure. Along with the Board of Directors, I want to express my sincere gratitude to Garland for his technical and business leadership during the past few years. The results he achieved during his tenure are an excellent testimonial to his management skills. Moving forward, both the products that he helped to build and the team that he assembled will continue to deliver on the promise of our next generation technology.

Looking ahead, Datatrac is renewing its commitment to being the market-leading technology platform for couriers and truckers. We’re rolling out new product enhancements that will ensure Datatrac customers have the very best technology available in the market. I’ll be communicating more with you in the coming weeks and look forward to engaging our customers in an open dialogue about their business needs. With your input and feedback, we’ll complete the realization of a new technology solution that our competitors simply cannot match. As we progress together please remember that we aren’t just your technology vendor, but also a partner in your success.

Henry Dixon
Chairman and CEO, Datatrac Corporation