Datatrac for Drivers

Visibility is the key.

As your customers’ requirements become more extensive moving into the future, Datatrac’s mobility product Datatrac for Drivers (D4D) is not only keeping pace, but allowing you to exceed customer expectations. A customer wants to know where his packages are at all times, and without a robust mobility application, you’ll never be able to provide that visibility. And the product had better be simple and easy to use, or your drivers won’t comply.  The idea of having a driver “remember” to do something different for a particular customer probably won’t bring successful results.

Datatrac for Drivers is a modular product, fully integrated with Datatrac Web and capable of being integrated with proprietary systems or competitor operational systems. It runs on a variety of Mobile Devices and Operating Systems, including smart phones and ruggedized devices. If your customer requires specific workflows, item-level scanning or detailed processes, the program is configurable with standardized responses for the driver. If a driver only requires certain functionality for their work, then the program is simplified to show only those functions. D4D includes full signature capture and GPS capability for those customers who require it.  Not only can your internal staff track driver positions along the way, but you can grant it to your customers when necessary.  Exception and delay codes can be recorded by the driver to show situations that your customer needs to know.  Pickup and delivery signatures can be captured as required, and drivers can use the integrated map and driving directions when needed.

Download the Datatrac for Drivers Apps at the links below

* Please make sure that your Android device is set to allow installation of non-Market applications and turn off auto-updates to insure use in demonstration mode.

Click on our video below to get started with Datatrac For Drivers.

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