In order to compete in today’s economy, logistics providers get very creative when it comes to rating their jobs. It seems customers find more and more complicated methods for rating work, making setting up and maintaining those rates a challenge. Datatrac has long had one of the most comprehensive and flexible rating modules in the industry. We’ve capitalized on over 35 years in the logistics industry and built many different logistics rating options and scenarios into our products.

In COPS version 6.8.434, we’ve introduced two new rating methods. Our new Mileage/Weight Rating method includes components of both Mileage distances and Weight charges into the calculation of the base rate. Users can now add weight charges by weight range to a per mileage range rate. This rating method allows the weight charges to be tied to a mileage range rate, giving multiple components in the base rate.  The method seems to be most prevalent in the routed distribution type of service.

A second new method allows you to specify rates by vehicle. If a vehicle code is included in the mileage service type chart, the user can set up mileage charts with different rates based on the vehicle on the order. The vehicle rates can also be used in the new Mileage/Weight rating method specified above. Vehicle type, weight charges, and mileage distances all interact to create a super flexible and new logistics rating module.
At Datatrac, we always want to be responsive to the needs of our customers, and these rating changes have come from direct customer requests.

We always appreciate that input as we continue to lead the industry in rating options.