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02/10/20 UPDATE: BEACON – BACK OFFICE SOLUTION NOW RELEASED Changes in expectations of shippers and consumers are pushing the final mile service providers to an environment of constant change. Dynamic routing and optimized on-demand are expectations in today’s market. The need for optimization is significant as the

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The Waiting Game

No one likes to wait. We stand in front of the microwave, tapping our foot while the 30 seconds to warm up a plate goes by. We don’t wait well in traffic. We don’t wait well standing in line at the grocery store. We don’t want to

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Redesigned to be Responsive

Redesigned to be Responsive Everyone now lives in a mobile world. With advanced smartphones and tablets, we’re no longer tied to a desktop or a laptop to do business. And while Datatrac Web can be accessed from a phone or a tablet, the screen layouts haven’t been optimized

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Datatrac Releases New POD Email Feature

Visibility has always been important to the Last Mile carrier and their customers.  Our systems have long had the ability to send PODs to the customer via email. Release 6.8.432 includes the ability to send the signature image in the email as well as the POD name for

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New options are now included for our logistics rating module

New options for our rating module are now included In order to compete in today’s economy, logistics providers get very creative when it comes to rating their jobs. It seems customers find more and more complicated methods for rating work, making setting up and maintaining those rates a

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New Fuel Surcharge Module Released

New Fuel Surcharge Module Released With the volatility of fuel prices over the last several years, keeping up with fuel surcharge calculations and pricing has become a challenge for the first mile/last mile carrier. Several of our customers came to us with the request of using outside

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The Hidden Cost of IT Solutions

The Hidden Costs of IT Solutions Pay Attention to the Forest as well as the Trees It goes without saying that the initial costs of any IT Solution are wrapped up in hardware and software. These cost components are easily identified and capitalized over a period of

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Is Your Technology Paying You Back?

Are Your Investments in Technology Paying You Back? At present, there seems to be a great deal of focus on the advancing state of disruptive technologies and the financial impact inherent in logistics companies’ real time connectivity to their customers. When I think about my own experiences

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Datatrac IPD Mobile featured on Fleet News Daily

Datatrac IPD Mobile featured on Fleet News Daily Datatrac Corporation is pleased to be included on Fleet News Daily’s front page carousel showing our latest service network IPD Mobile. Read more about it here Fleet News Daily and here IPD Mobile Press Release.

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Congratulations Bill!

Congratulations Bill! The staff of Datatrac would like to congratulate Bill Goodman on his retirement as The Courier Times recently released its last issue in March 2014. After twenty six years, Bill is ceasing publication of the monthly news source. He spent his career in the courier

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