Everyone now lives in a mobile world. With advanced smartphones and tablets, we’re no longer tied to a desktop or a laptop to do business. And while Datatrac Web can be accessed from a phone or a tablet, the screen layouts haven’t been optimized for a variety of screen sizes.

You and your customers can soon enter orders and track the driver’s location from their tablets and cell phones.

We have received a considerable amount of feedback that our customers and their customers would like to access Datatrac Web from all of their devices, PC’s, Tablets, Phones. You can do that today but the pages are not optimized for different sized screens.

A new version of Datatrac Web will be released shortly to specifically support smaller screen sizes. The entire site will get a facelift with a new, refreshed design and an entirely new menu presentation. It will use the common icon of three short lines at the top of the screen to indicate a menu. The menus themselves will be positioned on the left side of the screen so they can easily appear and disappear to best use the available screen size. We feel the new format will be immediately recognizable because it is comparable to the techniques used by many other websites on the internet today.

Entering a job on a phone will be much easier. Tracking will also look better on the smaller screens. And don’t forget, if you allow your customer to see driver locations and the driver has GPS active on his phone, the customer can see the driver’s current location when he is delivering their package.

We would like to thank the attendees of our recent User Conference for helping us refocus on this feature as something that will be very valuable to you and your customers.

To make the transition to the new website as smooth as possible, we are creating a new preview website for you to access for training purposes. The new website will be LIVE and connected to your LIVE data. The preview site will be active for approximately two weeks, then it will be removed and the standard site will be updated. We will send an email to our customers when the preview site is up and ready to use.

PLEASE NOTE: The preview site will have limited capacity. It is not intended to have all your users and customers run it continually. Please use the standard site for the bulk of your normal activity. Thank you for your business! We are developing and releasing new software every day so please be on the lookout for these announcements and remember to review the Release Notes section of Datatrac Web regularly.