Software Solutions For Carriers and ShippersSoftware for carriers and shipppers


Datatrac’s longtime partnership with the first mile/final mile industry allows us a unique opportunity to contribute to your business’ success. Our software solutions for carriers and shippers allow you to improve profitability, mitigate risk and contain your costs. With our broad spectrum of integration expertise, your customers are connected and provided with easy-to-use management tools, that will help you win more business, ensure freight is moving as expected and measure key performance indicators for optimal performance.

Carrier Software and Dispatch software, including tracking tools, mapping and dashboards keep you at the forefront of the industry. As shippers require real-time business intelligence, your staff has the opportunity to exceed expectations. Complete B2B integration services provided by Datatrac’s Professional Services staff allow you to keep customer data flowing smoothly and accurately.

In addition to the many shippers, forwarders, 3PLs and 4PLs connected to the Datatrac network, hundreds of carriers also rely on the network connection. With the power of the network for business communication, Datatrac’s clients can utilize a full suite of software applications to include dispatch management, shipment tracking, route planning, GPS driver position tracking and signature capture for full proof of delivery.

Datatrac carrier software customers deliver to every corner of the US and Canada. With a common technology platform for data exchange, the network supports different back-office systems and external networks. With reliable communication in place between all members of the network, your company is always in communication with critical business partners.

With multiple software applications focused on specific business types, Datatrac offers stand-alone and turn-key systems for your business. If your focus is On Demand work, Datatrac Web provides the tools to succeed. If Air Freight Trucking is a new opportunity for your business, our STATIS product provides the necessary functionality for visibility, tracking and dispatch. Datatrac’s years of experience with mobile applications ensures you can keep track of shipments and drivers no matter the type of work involved. If your clients need to send you purchased products for storage before final delivery to the customer, our integration to an FMS system helps you manage that process effectively.

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