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The needs of the Air Freight Trucking industry have different requirements than other transportation forms. There may be routed stops, either pickup or delivery, but dealing with Pickup, Linehaul, Delivery, Transfer and combination segments requires a different level of sophistication from your back office system. STATIS was designed by air freight trucking professionals in conjunction with several key air freight trucking companies. The flexibility from rating, billing, and operational standpoints is built into the system as a primary feature. There’s no need for customization of a system that wasn’t designed for an air freight trucking company or attempting to shoehorn air freight practices into a courier system. STATIS was built from the ground up for trucking and is fully integrated with eTrac and Mobility functionality.

As the business landscape changed and technology needs became more extensive, STATIS evolved with Google maps for dispatching and driver location as well as Google-style searches. Need to track an order, but only have a portion of the address? That’s no problem – the tracking search takes whatever piece of information you have and shows you available matches. Whether your internal staff needs the information or your customer does, there are visibility pieces available to suit their needs.

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A Datatrac STATIS Screen Shot
A Datatrac STATIS Screen Shot

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