The Right Team. The Right Time.

Changes in expectations of shippers and consumers are pushing the final mile service providers to an environment of constant change. Dynamic routing and optimized on-demand are expectations in today’s market. The need for optimization is significant as the industry evolves and companies try to embed optimization engines into their antiquated dispatch applications. Recognizing that as the wrong solution, Datatrac’s approach was to find an experienced provider of optimized dispatch applications with a full suite of functionality so we could hit the ground running with a superior dispatch application. Elite [...]

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The Waiting Game

No one likes to wait. We stand in front of the microwave, tapping our foot while the 30 seconds to warm up a plate goes by. We don’t wait well in traffic. We don’t wait well standing in line at the grocery store. We don’t want to wait for products we buy online – we want them right now. E-commerce and same-day delivery options are upending standard retail and last-mile delivery segments. Amazon’s Prime product line is spurring a lot of change and innovation across the globe. Delivery to residential [...]

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