Changes in expectations of shippers and consumers are pushing the final mile service providers to an environment of constant change. Dynamic routing and optimized on-demand are expectations in today’s market.

The need for optimization is significant as the industry evolves and companies try to embed optimization engines into their antiquated dispatch applications. Recognizing that as the wrong solution, Datatrac’s approach was to find an experienced provider of optimized dispatch applications with a full suite of functionality so we could hit the ground running with a superior dispatch application. Elite EXTRA’s vast experience in optimized dispatch and operations management solutions coupled with Datatrac’s industry experience, eTrac technology, and back office software ensures that we can power the final mile with a best-in-class application that isn’t a “quick-fix” solution.

Elite EXTRA allows users to automatically create routes in optimized sequences, dispatch them to a smartphone or tablet, and track drivers in real-time. The software is applicable to all industries seeking visibility in managing their supply chain.

Datatrac has utilized extensive experience with the final mile industry to create innovative logistics solutions that exceed their customer’s needs for over 40 years. Our back-end services, implementation, and customer support round out a combined product that will be the best the industry has ever seen.

Elite EXTRA, a product of Applied Data Consultants, Inc., is a cloud-based SaaS application that automates the delivery of goods and services through its advanced dispatch management software.

Elite EXTRA has grown exponentially since its national launch in 2010, and now boasts over 25,000 daily users in multiple industries across the U.S., Canada and, Mexico.

Datatrac’s Henry Dixon says, “We’re excited about the new opportunities and tools this partnership will bring to the final mile carrier. It is truly an example of best in class partners in separate markets coming together to create the best, most flexible solution available.”

Cloud-Based Rating, Invoicing & Driver Settlement Engine

BEACON, the back office solution designed to pair with Elite EXTRA’s Industry-Best Dispatching System
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