Datatrac forms eTrac Technologies to focus on last mile integrations

Datatrac Corporation’s innovative eTrac product has been spun off into its own company, eTrac Technologies. Alpharetta, GA, February 1, 2021 -- Datatrac Corporation, an industry leader in courier technology solutions has announced a spin-off of their ground-breaking product, eTrac, into a new company, now called eTrac Technologies. Datatrac’s specialization in last mile business operations was the genesis behind eTrac. Datatrac’s focus is regional and local last mile carriers while eTrac’s audience is primarily shippers, 3PL’s and freight forwarders. This audience differentiation along with eTrac’s rapid growth have led the Founder [...]

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Elite EXTRA and Datatrac Announce One-Stop Last Mile Delivery Solution for Couriers

Beacon Provides a Streamlined TMS and a Competitive Edge with Retailers and Shippers EAU CLAIRE, WI — Award-winning advanced dispatch software Elite EXTRA, and industry-leading operating system Datatrac, announce the launch of Beacon, a combined last mile delivery solution for couriers. Beacon seamlessly integrates data from order flow and delivery to full back-office functionality, providing a full-featured TMS solution. The one-stop-shop offers a scalable, modern infrastructure, including rate-charge, invoicing and settlement information, as well as automated dispatching, optimized routing, real-time visibility, driver communication and contact-free deliveries. Additionally, couriers will [...]

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The Right Team. The Right Time.

Changes in expectations of shippers and consumers are pushing the final mile service providers to an environment of constant change. Dynamic routing and optimized on-demand are expectations in today’s market. The need for optimization is significant as the industry evolves and companies try to embed optimization engines into their antiquated dispatch applications. Recognizing that as the wrong solution, Datatrac’s approach was to find an experienced provider of optimized dispatch applications with a full suite of functionality so we could hit the ground running with a superior dispatch application. Elite [...]

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The Waiting Game

No one likes to wait. We stand in front of the microwave, tapping our foot while the 30 seconds to warm up a plate goes by. We don’t wait well in traffic. We don’t wait well standing in line at the grocery store. We don’t want to wait for products we buy online – we want them right now. E-commerce and same-day delivery options are upending standard retail and last-mile delivery segments. Amazon’s Prime product line is spurring a lot of change and innovation across the globe. Delivery to residential [...]

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Redesigned to be Responsive

Everyone now lives in a mobile world. With advanced smartphones and tablets, we’re no longer tied to a desktop or a laptop to do business. And while Datatrac Web can be accessed from a phone or a tablet, the screen layouts haven’t been optimized for a variety of screen sizes. You and your customers can soon enter orders and track the driver’s location from their tablets and cell phones. We have received a considerable amount of feedback that our customers and their customers would like to access Datatrac Web from all of [...]

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Datatrac Releases New POD Email Feature

Visibility has always been important to the Last Mile carrier and their customers.  Our systems have long had the ability to send PODs to the customer via email. Release 6.8.432 includes the ability to send the signature image in the email as well as the POD name for each pickup and delivery. Datatrac’s VP of Operations David Norman says, “We know how important visibility is to our customer’s customer, and having to check a website for an image just isn’t enough to satisfy some operational requirements these days.  We added [...]

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New Options For Logistics Rating Module

In order to compete in today’s economy, logistics providers get very creative when it comes to rating their jobs. It seems customers find more and more complicated methods for rating work, making setting up and maintaining those rates a challenge. Datatrac has long had one of the most comprehensive and flexible rating modules in the industry. We’ve capitalized on over 35 years in the logistics industry and built many different logistics rating options and scenarios into our products. In COPS version 6.8.434, we’ve introduced two new rating methods. Our new [...]

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New Fuel Surcharge Module Released

With the volatility of fuel prices over the last several years, keeping up with fuel surcharge calculations and pricing has become a challenge for the first mile/last mile carrier. Several of our customers came to us with the request of using outside fuel index services to calculate the surcharge. Since the Datatrac rating module is comprehensive and flexible, we spent a significant amount of design time working with customers to be sure we included the same flexibility for fuel surcharge rating. The module includes multiple variables for calculating the fuel [...]

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We’re Moving!

There are some exciting things happening at Datatrac. We've just returned from CLDA where we announced our entirely new software platform, Ascend.  Datatrac for Drivers on Android has become the industry standard mobile application and is being enhanced at a rapid pace. New features are being added to Datatrac Web on a regular basis, providing our customers with the technology to win new business. We’re busy, but that's the way we like it. To support all of the new activity, we've decided it's time to upgrade our corporate office. Our [...]

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